Welcome to my website.

My name is Chris Elix Edwards and I am a novice graphics designer.

I am going to use this site to showcase my work and post tutorials on graphics.

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Sincerely Yours, Elix.


Paint.NET News.

Version 3.3.5 is out and can be downloaded here

The exciting thing about this version is added support for user created effects, that's right.

Visual C++ can be used to write effects and import them into Paint.NET.


Addons can be found here (you may be redirected)

Ed Harvey...


Edward Harvey has once again graced us with some outstanding effects.

Just one of my favourites.


Posted Image

Posted Image

 Runs a series of lines through an image that indent or 'curve' when the colour or gradient changes.




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What is your favourite Picture Editor?

PhotoShop CS4 (3)

PhotoShop CS5 (1)

Windows Paint (1)

Paint.NET (3)

GIMP or GIMPShop (2)

PaintShop Pro (2)

Total votes: 12





 Chris Elix Edwards



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